July 29th, 2009: For Immediate Release

The Pinx turn the Atlanta heat into Look What You Made Me Do, one of 2009’s best rock records.

Grab the MP3 of “Impatience” by The Pinx at: http://tinyurl.com/thepinx-impatience.

Watch The Pinx perform “Impatience” at: http://tinyurl.com/thepinx-impatience-live.

“…like your favorite garage band all grown up… You can hear it all: Led Zeppelin, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, The Who and The Kinks.” (Rebecca Ledford, macon.com)

“They actually sound like a cross between Brother Cane and the more frenzied moments of Big Star’s Radio City LP.” (Connect Savannah)

As The Pinx stand facing a sold-out crowd of 1800 at the Variety Playhouse, Atlanta’s hardest-working power trio have little time to dissect how they’ve reached this moment in one short year.

After proving themselves in dives and at festivals across the country and living on the road, The Pinx now find themselves collecting accolades from a certain Grammy-award winning band that chooses to remain anonymous (but is identified as any of several very large, extinct proboscidian mammals of the genus Mammut) and debuting an album that led Ben Harper to personally book them on his tour.

On stage, The Pinx are known for their violent performances, opening veins, pushing limits and reassuring the crowd that Rock and Roll at its best is sexy, snarky, dark and sweet. All of these philosophies are apparent in the grooves of the band’s debut album, Look What You Made Me Do. One listen and you’ll be glad they did what they did.

See The Pinx live in the deep south.

Sept 4 Atlanta, Georgia @ The Star Bar, Sept 17 Birmingham, Alabama @ The Nick, Sept 18 Tuscaloosa, Alabama @ Egan’s Bar

artist: The Pinx

title: Look What You Made Me Do

label: Self-Released

release: August 25, 2009

album download: request

“Impatience”: mp3

“Change Me”: mp3

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It’s snowing in Atlanta, I’m doing a blog entry, and the Pinx have been having a mysterious run of good fortune lately. After personally being interviewed for a piece in Performing Songwriter earlier in 2007, The Pinx and I were featured in a live review in Southeastern Performer just a couple months ago. We’ll be doing a live taping for Comcast OnDemand in March (so come out and scream loud), touring England in May, and we’re rehearsing and writing like crazy to delete the demos and re-record the entire album live in the studio. Those lovable bastards, our demented cousins in The Deadtowners did a video shoot (okay, for a Tattoo Shop’s commercial) which airs on [adult swim] and during … LA Ink? In any case, it’s awesome that they’re in a big-timey commercial like that with dancing girls and motorcycles… but also Chris wore a Pinx shirt on camera the whole time the commercial was being filmed. Sweetest shout-out ever. Around December 20th, Jim and I cut a cover of The Kinks‘ “Father Christmas”, posted it on myspace and sent it to the local radio stations. 99x played it while I drove my family around Atlanta looking at the Christmas lights in various neighborhoods. I’ll never forget that. I’ll never forget a few magical gigs in Macon, GA this past year, being constantly hassled by security at Mucklewain 2, taking part in 500 Songs For Kids, making tons of new friends, finding new mentors, running up $200 bar tabs (and paying them, of course) and discovering that I probably should have left Nashville a lot sooner than I did.

Even the bad things are working out lately.

I broke the headstock off of my SG at a show (but Jason, a genius at Too Many Guitars fixed it and made it better than new). Did I mention that we lost Jennifer? We did. I think we officially called it artistic differences; she’s already hard at work on her own projects and happier than ever. My songwriting partner and longtime friend of mine and Jim’s, Joe Giddings stepped in to be our new enabler – I mean bass player. Joe’s well-known already for his work in Star Collector, being in the live lineup of Gonzalez and for his own critically-acclaimed solo work on the legendary NotLame record label. He’s a kickass lead singer, a terrifying lead guitarist and a helluva songwriter. Jim and I are terribly excited to have him with us. Not only are we learning what I’ve written so far, but we’re rocking out during practices and coming up with new ideas together.

The van is covered with snow right now. I can’t wait to take it out on the road and meet more people, run up huge bar tabs, break more guitars and oh yeah, play some rock and roll.
See y’all soon.


Still writing lyrics for the new record. It’s going well. Until we get that record out, we’ll be trying out some of the new material at shows.

There are a lot of shows coming up in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama, so be sure to mark your calendars. Come on out to some of them and say hello to the new-to-us Pinx van. T-shirts are on the way very soon.


Seriously, we’re playing at Lenny’s tonight.

The mini-tour last weekend was just about as much fun as we could have, and thanks to those who attended. Of Atlanta, Knoxville and Nashville, who got the best show? Nashville. Sorry, folks. Nashville was the best show we’ve ever done, thanks in no small part to one particular person.

She came up to me before the show and complained that she was there to see a band that was advertised in the paper but didn’t seem to be there. I explained that it was because apparently the band had never confirmed, and I apologized for the error but said “how much did you pay to get in?” “Five dollars.” “I’ll tell you what; if you hang around for a few more minutes, I’ll give you a $25 show – swear to god you won’t want your money back.” “No thanks.”

That pretty much sums up Nashville’s attitude in two words: “no thanks.”

“No, I would not like to try something new and be entertained. I would like more of the same, please. Thanks.” Oh, Nashville. You’re so misguided and backward compared to the other places we play. Those two little words amused me and gave me the extra push I needed. Everybody who hadn’t come to see a band that wasn’t playing crowded around the stage and cheered us on to be the best rock band we could be. It was the best, most fun show of my life by quite a large margin. We’ll be back for more in August.

An extremely informative hat.

Open up (or, better yet, buy) this month’s Performing Songwriter magazine and you’ll see an article on the state of independent rock and how to find it and you’ll see several bits of an interview with some guy named Adam McIntyre, all thinking he knows something. Read and be amused!

Also, go check our shows page. Chances are that if you live in the Southeast, we’re about to come see you.

Another lo-fi band photo

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The rolling terror now known as Adam & The Pinks have had their first road trip. The Art Bar might just be the coolest venue ever with probably the sexiest bartender ever. Plus, robots and Gamera. It was a nice first step into the world, our little newborn fawn legs quivering in the moonlight on the forest’s floor. As Todd Snider says, “let’s hit this town til its teeth come out!”
We’re ready to go again. Or do you need some water first?